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Joma N-10 2102 Football Boots - White Coral

Joma N-10 2102 Football Boots - White Coral

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The Joma N-10 2102 Football Boots - White Coral are perfect for any soccer enthusiast’s wardrobe. Whether you are playing on grass or on artificial turf, you can depend on these boots to enhance your performance and keep you comfortable throughout the entire game. With these boots, you get maximum comfort and support, all without sacrificing style and design.

The upper is crafted from quality leather to ensure superior durability and performance. This material is also designed to be lightweight so that you can perform at your best without feeling weighed down. The boots also feature a reinforced toe cap that provides extra protection and stability when you are running and making sharp turns. The traditional lace-up closure allows you to customize the fit of the boots and make sure that they are tightly secured on your feet.

The Joma N-10 2102 Football Boots also feature a lightweight yet durable outsole. The outsole has additional studs so that you can quickly make sharp turns and sprint down the field. The studs also have added traction so that you can stay firmly planted while playing on any surface. The boots are also designed to be breathable, so that your feet stay cool and comfortable during those long games.

The stylish design of the Joma N-10 2102 Football Boots will make you stand out on the pitch. The white and coral color combination provides a bold, modern look that will draw attention when you hit the field. The studs and the reinforced toe cap also add a visually appealing look to the boots.

The Joma N-10 2102 Football boots are a great choice for any soccer enthusiast who wants maximum comfort and performance. The stylish design and the durable construction will keep you looking sharp and playing your best. With these shoes, you can take your game to the next level and impress your opponents.

Joma N-10 2102 Football Boots, white/coral for Artificial Grass.

Joma Propulsion football boots are designed for professionals looking for maximum lightness and the best fit. Every element has been created with the latest technology.

The stitching is made of high-quality Micro-PU and inner nylon with tensile strength 800N/50 mm weft and warp 600N/50 mm.

The insole is made of smooth EVA.

The sole is made of high-quality PU with DIN-40 abrasion.

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