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Gunn & Moore Diamond 202 Cricket Bat

Gunn & Moore Diamond 202 Cricket Bat

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The G&M Diamond 202 Cricket Bat is the perfect bat for cricket players of all skill levels, who are looking for an exceptional bat that can take their game to the next level. This bat is made using premium grade willow, which makes it light in weight yet, durable and powerful for powerful performance.

This G&M Cricket Bat is designed with a flat-face profile which gives the batsman an added advantage and makes it easy to hit the ball with precision. The handle has been designed with a slight concave edge, to ensure a comfortable grip, allowing the batsman to have full control over the bat, thus allowing them to swing with force. The handle also has a smooth, curved finish, making it easy to hold and useful for a variety of strokes.

The blade of the G&M Cricket Bat is made in a traditional shape, with a slight flare and rounded edges. This gives the batsman more power, as the blade has been designed to provide maximum impact and bat speed. The toe area is larger, providing more power, while the edges of the bat are slightly thicker, which helps absorb more shock and vibration.

This G&M Cricket Bat is also equipped with a special G&M Diamond MultiZone which helps increase and maintain the sweet-spot area throughout the knocking-in process, thus adding consistency and power to the batsman's performance. The toe area also has a rubber plate to protect it from wear and tear.

The G&M Diamond 202 Cricket Bat is an ideal choice for any player who is looking to take their game to the next level. It is lightweight, powerful and durable, and has been designed to provide the batsman with maximum power and control. With the handle having a comfortable grip, and the blade offering more power and shock absorption, this bat is sure to be a hit with players of all levels.

Gunn & Moore Diamond 202 Cricket Bat

Ben Stokes - Endorsed

+ Grade 1 Kashmir Willow
+ ‘Ready to play’ –Covered for immediate use and durability
+ ToeTek™ protection reduces toe damage and increases resistance to damp
+ Treble spring handle
+ HEX grip

Size Guide

1 4-5 Years Old Up to 4ft 3inches 25 1/4 inches 3 1/2 inches
2 6-7 Years Old 4ft 3" - 4ft 6" 27 3/4 inches 3 1/2 inches
3 8-9 Years Old 4ft 6" - 4ft 9" 28 3/4 inches 3 3/4 inches
4 9-10 Years Old 4ft 9" - 4ft 11" 29 3/4 inches 3 3/4 inches
5 10-11 Years Old 4ft 11" - 5ft 2" 30 3/4 inches 4 inches
6 11-13 Years Old 5ft 2" - 5ft 5" 31 3/4 inches 4 inches
HARROW 12-14 Years Old 5ft 5" - 5ft 8" 32 3/4 inches 4 1/6 inches
FULL SIZE (Short Handle) 15+ Years Old 5ft 8" - 6ft 3" 33 1/2 inches 4 1/4 inches
FULL SIZE (Long Handle/Blade) 15+Years Old 6ft 3" and above 34 3/8 inches 4 1/4 inches

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